Case Study 3

Protecting Your Solar Assets

Owners of solar assets for their business can be assured their solar systems continuously produce to their fullest potential with our proven I.F.O.M. system.

The Problem

Many business owners invest in solar energy to reap the rewards of the solar savings for themselves and their clients. A client who owns solar lease assets for his multi-family residential apartment building noticed that his production was below what was initially promised by the installation/sales company.

Our Solution

Solar O+M used their I.F.O.M system to diagnose, fix, and optimize the apartment owner's system. Several installation errors were detected during the rigorous inspection process. The problems uncovered were fixed, and the system was optimized for maximum solar production. The client's solar production increased 35% from previous levels.


The customer experienced a noteworthy rise in solar production and thereafter reaped the monetary savings initially promised by the installer. This customer now has a long-term service agreement with Solar O+M.

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I was very impressed with Solar O + M when they took over management of the solar systems I installed on my rental properties. They contacted me about a problem they detected after noticing the system wasn’t producing the amount of energy it should have been. They then promptly came out and repaired the problem. It really puts me at ease knowing they are looking out for me.

Ray P., Owner and Manager of Residential Properties