Case Study 4

Real Estate Inspections

When buying or selling a home, solar inspections are crucial to ensure a safe, productive and properly operating system.

The Problem

A homeowner was considering buying a home with a Solar System. They wanted to ensure the system was safe, properly installed and producing at optimal levels. Their agent contacted Solar O+M to conduct a thorough inspection of the PV solar system.

Our Solution

Solar O+M performed a multi-point inspection of the PV system and its components. We analyzed the annual sun exposure, safety, quality of installation and various operating components using a customized inspection conducted with industry leading tools. We met with the potential homeowner and agent and provided a detailed, comprehensive review showing the results of our inspection. We also familiarized the customer with the functions of all of the solar components.


Solar O+M provided confidence in the safety and production of the solar system. We informed the prospective buyer of all potential performance issues and service requirements.

Contact Us to Get Started

As an agent, I have shown many properties to clients that have solar panels installed. Being a newer technology, I am new to the inspection process of previously installed panels. I called Solar O + M and they made the inspection process seamless and informative. My clients can now rest easy knowing that the panels on their new home are productive, safe, and installed properly.

Doris Lumpkin, Realtor, Urban Vision