Case Study 1

Results-Driven Approach

Our customers have enjoyed up production growth due to our results-driven Inspect, Fix, Optimize, Monitor (I.F.O.M.) system.

The Problem

Solar O+M assumed management of a third-party solar lease. Following a rigorous inspection, the team concluded that the system was under-producing.

Our Solution

Our Inspect, Fix, Optimize, Monitor (I.F.O.M.) process uncovered errors in the installation of the system. During inspection, it was revealed that the solar array wiring was improperly installed. Our technicians immediately fixed the problem and optimized the array wiring. As a result of our ongoing monitoring, the customer's solar production has increased by 100%.


Solar production doubled as a result of our I.F.O.M. strategy. The added production resulted in significant savings to the homeowner.

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I was very impressed with Solar O + M when they took over management of the solar systems I installed on my rental properties. They contacted me about a problem they detected after noticing the system wasn’t producing the amount of energy it should have been. They then promptly came out and repaired the problem. It really puts me at ease knowing they are looking out for me.

Ray P., Owner and Manager of Residential Properties