Case Study 2

Service On Your Schedule

With an ongoing, "living" service agreement, Solar O+M is able to provide immediate service when you need it.

The Problem

Many times Solar Systems or their components need to be moved or removed in order to complete roofing work, electrical work or general renovations. Recently, a homeowner who was renovating his home discovered that his contractor needed to move some of the solar electric components. Until the components were moved, the renovations would be stalled.

Our Solution

Fortunately, the homeowner had an ongoing service agreement with Solar O+M. When Solar O+M received a phone call from the homeowner, we quickly dispatched a field technician to rectify the problem so the roof work could be completed in a timely fashion.


Due to the homeowner's service agreement, Solar O+M quickly corrected a problem that could have cost the homeowner time and money.

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The renovations being done on my home required a part of my solar system be moved. With a simple phone call Solar O+M sent out a technician right away. I found their service to be very prompt, professional and friendly.

Ramiro D., Solar O+M Community Member