For Homeowners

You’re a proud owner of solar - be sure you're getting the most out of it. Solar O+M's complete approach to your home's solar improves performance and gives you peace of mind.


Solar O+M's rigorous inspection process will pinpoint any issues that limit your solar equipment from optimal operation.

Our technicians use our custom point-by-point inspection and analytic tools to evaluate your system’s equipment, performance and safety. Homeowners receive a comprehensive review of the inspection results. Technicians work with homeowners to maximize their solar savings potential through necessary repairs, optimization and ongoing performance monitoring.


If our point-by-point inspection uncovers any necessary repairs, our team of highly trained technicians will promptly respond to fix the problem. From inverters to solar arrays, we have the solutions and tools to fix any issue with your system.

If our inspection reveals problems with the installation, configuration or performance of your solar system, our technicians are armed with the knowledge, education and tools to make any required repairs.


Many solar systems have not reached their full production potential. By correcting deficiencies revealed by our thorough inspections, we can ensure that your system is operating at maximum production.

Our team of highly trained technicians will use the results from our multi-point inspection to evaluate the greatest production potential for your system. We use that data to create an annual power production guarantee. Our technicians will optimize your system’s production to match or exceed our power production guarantee.


Our team of qualified technicians is proactive. Rather than waiting for a problem to occur, we continuously analyze solar production data in order to anticipate a problem before it causes significant dips in production.

Our state of the art remote monitoring system will alert our service technicians in the event your solar system is not producing adequately or requires on-site maintenance. If a problem is detected, a solar service technician will contact you to schedule a visit for repairs.

I was very impressed with Solar O + M when they took over management of the solar systems I installed on my rental properties. They contacted me about a problem they detected after noticing the system wasn’t producing the amount of energy it should have been. They then promptly came out and repaired the problem. It really puts me at ease knowing they are looking out for me.

Ray P., Owner and Manager of Residential Properties

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For Investors

Proven solar asset management for residential lease fleets.

We can enhance the yield of residential solar portfolios by combining technical proficiencies with our world-class customer support. Solar O+M prides itself as a trailblazer in end-to-end management of residential solar portfolios. We are confident in our ability to assume responsibility and oversight of large third-party financed solar portfolios and manage them in a way that maximizes cash flow and minimizes risks. We manage every aspect of a portfolio, from boots-on-the-ground customer service to back office financial compliance, with the objective of strengthening the cash flow yield from the solar portfolio as well as its future residual value. Our 'Customer First' platform drives down monthly billing defaults by empowering the homeowner with full suite solutions for system performance and transparent billing. We engage the homeowner in a way that reinforces the value they are getting from their solar experience to preserve the continuity of on-time payment for the duration of the PPA/lease contract.

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For Commercial

Maximize and safeguard the energy and financial yield of your facility's solar installation.

Solar O+M's dedication to preventative maintenance, real-time around the clock monitoring, and drop-of-the-hat outage response by highly trained technicians allows businesses to plan for smooth and reliable savings for the complete life of their solar investment.

Our Commercial Solar Services are geared towards two types of customers:

  1. Business that have already invested in solar
  2. Solar Developers that desire a bankable O+M partner

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Real Estate Solar Inspections

Solar Inspections are a crucial step for Real Estate Agents, home buyers and sellers when buying or selling a home equipped with a solar system.

Real Estate Agents as well as home buyers and sellers need to understand these systems to maximize the benefits that Solar Systems provide. Solar Inspections are a crucial step when buying or selling a home equipped with a Solar System. Solar O+M’s full Solar Inspection will:

Verify Production

Having a solar System mounted on a home does not ensure the buyer is generating power from the system. Our Solar Techs provide a detailed account of your system’s production value for buyers and a system’s total value for sellers.

Verify Safety

An improper installation can cause lasting damage to a roof if the installers do not follow the highest construction standards. Solar O+M verifies the installation and production safety of Solar Systems with our thorough system diagnosis and write up.

Title and Ownership

Many Solar Systems in Louisiana are Leased. Solar O+M can assist buyers and sellers with a Solar Lease Transfer. (Don’t let a solar equipment lien or third-party ownership of a solar system hold up a closing.)

An inspection by Solar O+M provides buyers and sellers with:

  • System write-up
  • Critical pictures
  • System component list
  • Shading analysis
  • Repair suggestions
  • Utility savings forecast
  • Actual production vs optimal production potential

Solar O+M will also provide post inspection solutions such as:

  • Engaging the original installer to fix problems if under warranty
  • Work with original equipment manufacturers on equipment replacement
  • Full-service monitoring
  • PV Analysis optimization

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